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Blogger or Wordpress ? Which is good for you

Blogger or Wordpress ? Which is good for you

Blogger vs WordPress that is exceptional for blogging if you want to create a blog and nevertheless stressed wherein platform is quality for you. So, don’t fear these days i can come up with a quick assessment between blogger vs WordPress. After reading this put up you could easily decide which platform is high-quality for you.
Blogger or Wordpress ? Which is good for you


Blogger is a product of Google. First I will tell you about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger.

Advantages of Blogger
  • It is free of cost no need to pay for hosting.
  • Easy to access, if you are new then you can easily use blogger.
  • 100% trusted because it is a product of Google.
  • Your site will never down because it hosted on Google server.
  • No need to work on the back-end.
  • You can use it with free (Blogspot) subdomain.
Disadvantages of Blogger
  • There are some limitations for SEO( Search Engine Optimization).
  • There you will not get any plugin for your blog.
  • AdSense is not safe on blogger anyone can invalid clicks on your blog and you can’t protect.
  • You cannot customize your blog as a professional.
  • Blogger doesn’t give any updates to their users. That is why it has still an old version.


WordPress is a self-hosted site if you want to create your website on WordPress then you have to purchase hosting. Most of the pro bloggers use WordPress for their blog. Guys you can as create your blog as you want on WordPress.

  • Good for SEO there you can use Plugin for your SEO.
  • You can customize your blog like a professional.
  • There are available many kinds of safety plugin you can use plugins to safe your AdSense account.
  • WordPress gives update time to time and make their service good for their users.
  • First of all, it is not free you have to pay for domain and hosting.
  • If your hosting is not good then your site may be down.
  • For beginners, it is not easy to use.
  • If you a need a good theme for your WordPress then you have to also for pay for it.

Blogger or Wordpress ? Which is good for you

My Opinion for Blogger Vs Wordpress

I've used both systems for blogging after I begin blogging then I pick blogger platform as it changed into unfastened however there's some dilemma which I have already informed you this is why now i am the use of WordPress.

So in step with my enjoy, i will recommend you if you are a beginner and also you don’t have money then pick blogger however with the custom area, it's miles first-class for you in case you don’t want to earn cash then you can also pick Blogspot subdomain.

And you have cash then move for WordPress due to the fact you can effortlessly rank your WordPress site there are to be had many plugins which enables in search engine optimization.


This are the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger Vs Wordpress. So you guys can choose anyone according to your need.

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